Why Prostate Seed Implant?

Brachytherapy for prostate cancer is also known as Prostate Seed Implantation (PSI).  Brachytherapy is an innovative cancer treatment that places radiation sources or seeds directly inside the prostate allowing for a highly targeted treatment dose to be delivered while limiting dose to surrounding critical organs. The data clearly shows that in well-selected patients that Prostate Seed Implantation (PSI) is an ideal treatment option that maximizes cure rates while limiting side effects.

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We offer online consultations for prostate cancer treatment options through telemedicine platforms (VSee  Doximity). If you would like to consult with Dr. Hodges or Dr. Taylor about your prostate cancer treatment options, please contact us through this form, and a friendly member of our staff will reach out set up a consultation time.

Comparing Treatment Times for Prostate Patients

Out-patient treatment, single visit, rapid return to activity.

Radical Prostatectomy
1-2 day hospital stay, 2-4 week return to activity.

External Radiation (IMRT)
40-45 treatment session over 8-9 weeks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

One treatment is not necessarily the best treatment for everyone. Ask your physician about the benefits of seed brachytherapy and if it is an option to treat your cancer.



1. Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., Theodore L. DeWeese, M.D., and Mario A. Eisenberger, M.D. Localized Prostate CancerN Engl J Med 2007;357:2696-705.

Texas Prostate Seed Institute

With over 25 years and over 3500 patients of combined experience, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Hodges take pride in offering a unique, highly-effective, precise, targeted treatment for patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  There are many treatment options for prostate cancer. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Hodges believe that prostate seed implantation (PSI), which is also known as LDR brachytherapy, should be at the forefront of any physician-patient discussion about treatment options. During your consultation with Dr. Taylor or Dr. Hodges, they will discuss the details of the procedure, the difference between their unique, innovative, adaptive, and precise technique. They will explain the treatment success rates comparing it to all treatment options.  They believe the treatment option will speak for itself.  And if you are not an ideal candidate for brachytherapy they will explain and guide you to the next best options.

The Radiation Dose Levels For Various Forms of Radiation

Survivor Stories

With the precision of a highly targeted prostate seed implant, Texas Prostate Seed Institute can help treat your prostate cancer safely and effectively so you can get back to living your life.

SURVIVOR | Lou Lotorto

Lou was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007. After investigating all of his options, Lou eventually chose brachytherapy.

“I never had a day when I had a regret I might have chosen the right course. We all have our second thoughts, I had none. It was a smooth operation all the way including my recovery. In essence, I never had any time I was laid up or brought down. I kept my normal, busy schedule. I never felt like my energy was flagging or that I made a wrong choice.”


Simply stated, the data consistently shows that for low, intermediate, and high risk prostate cancer the cure rates for prostate seed implant are comparable or better to any other treatment option.

Prostate Cancer Study Group Results

Cesium 131 seeds compared to the size of a dime - Texas Prostate Seed Institute

Low Risk is the Following

PSA less than 10

Gleason Score is less than 7

Clinical Stage is T1c to T2c

Intermediate Risk is the Following

PSA greater than 10 less than 20

Gleason Score is 7

Clinical Stage is T2b

High Risk is the Following

PSA greater than 20

Gleason Score is 8 to 10

Clinical Stage is T2c to T3c

Cesium 131

The short half life of Cesium-131 produces rapid treatment delivery and patient recovery.


The half-life of Cs-131 is 9.7 days.


Palladium 103

The half-life of Pl-103 is 17 days.


Iodine 125

The half-life of I-131 is 60 days.

Cesium 131

The short half life of Cesium-131 produces rapid treatment delivery and patient recovery.


The half-life of Cs-131 is 9,7 days.


Palladium 103

The half-life of Pl-103 is 17 days.


Iodine 125

The half-life of I-131 is 8 days.

Precision Prostate Seed Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment

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Precise Adaptive Intraoperative Planning

At Texas Prostate Seed Institute, we use a cutting edge method for adaptive real-time precise placement of the seeds which has been refined and perfected over the last 25 years of experience. Our adaptive method allows for the most effective results with the least potential for side effects.

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