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With powerful treatment options, Texas Prostate Seed Institute can help treat your prostate cancer safely and effectively so you can get back to living your life.

SURVIVOR | Lou Lotorto

Lou was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007. After investigating all of his options, Lou eventually chose brachytherapy.

“I never had a day when I had a regret I might have chosen the right course. We all have our second thoughts, I had none. It was a smooth operation all the way including my recovery. In essence, I never had any time I was laid up or brought down. I kept my normal, busy schedule. I never felt like my energy was flagging or that I made a wrong choice.”

SURVIVOR | Carl Janssens

“I was surprised by how easy it was.” – Carl Janssens, Prostate Cancer Survivor on Brachytherapy. “[After the treatment] we walked out and went home.”


Although scientifically well documented, not enough prostate cancer patients are aware of the efficacy and advantageous side effect profile of brachytherapy, particularly Cesium-131.

SURVIVOR | Dave Ricordati

During Dave’s initial diagnosis for prostate cancer, his primary care physician and his urologist did not steer him toward brachytherapy.

“Assuming you are not going to hear all of your options from your physician, and you are kind of on your own, then I always suggest people do their own homework,” says Dave. “Which is exactly what we did.” So they took to the internet. His “pillar of strength,” Dave’s wife, worked alongside him to figure out all of his options.

In most conversations with physicians, following his own research, they all seemed to say the same thing: “Let’s take it out. We will take out your entire prostate and cure your cancer.” Then he learned about a treatment option that precisely treated the cancer while minimizing the side effects. It was Brachytherapy.

Precision Prostate Seed Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment

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Precise Adaptive Intra-operative Planning

At Texas Prostate Seed Institute, we use a more precise method for placement of the seeds in and around your prostate. Our adaptive method allows for the most precise radiation dose which means better potential outcomes with less side-effects. 

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